Car Paint And Personalities Of The Owner

What do you think fellows? Paint of the car reflects the personality of the owner? What do you guys think? There are so many schools of thought with this idea; people in different countries have different ideas pertaining to this issue. There are some countries where black cars are considered as more masculine, dominating and victorious on the other hand there are countries which consider green cars as girly and men who own a green car are considered as gay. People have different cultures and different mindsets; they think that colors have a role in telling person’s personality. There are so many other colors which reflect different opinion about personalities. Perhaps it is not important for anyone to consider the color of the car because it is the car which one is planning to drive and not the color but still personality conscious people are more towards thinking what other people think of their personality. Moreover, people who relate the color of the car with the personality are more people who are insecure with what they have. Anyways sticking to the topic cars and colors goes hand in hand. Let’s discuss the real story regarding cars and colors:

Color and price of the car: yes this is something amazingly true that color of the car increases or decreases the price of the car; color is something which can upgrade or degrade the car massively. This is true and people own it as a ritual. For instance: black cars are considered pricy as compared to any other color in the car.

Color and demand of the car: this is also a truth that demand depends on the color of the car. This is something which has changed the dynamics of the car and demand of the car. Broadly, cars with darker colors are more in demand, although this depends on personal preference of that particular person (who owns it), some people prefer to buy a car in light color (again that depends on the preference of the person).

Color and maintenance of the car: this is true that every car has a color and every color has some advantages and disadvantages, some colors have more advantages and some have more disadvantages. For instance: black color of the car requires more dusting, cleaning and maintenance whereas white color is something considered as easily maintained.

All in all, there are so many things which can be changed just by changing color of the car. Yes! price and demand are two factors which can be tackled easily just by changing the color using paint protection hence whenever buy a new or used car do consider the color you are buying, or else it may hurt the overall appearance of the car.

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