Get A Teething Giraffe For Your Teething Baby

The teething process in a baby is very hard on their health and well-being. They get irritated and start whining due to pain and this pain sometimes becomes so unbearable that they resist taking food or any water as well. First-time parents can find themselves in a hitch in this phase as they get completely clueless on how to calm a teething baby and what measures they should take to ease the pain. Children lose their appetites when they are teething and always looking for things to chew to help with the pain. A teething baby is always cranky and irritated and can change drastically from a loving and smiling child to a crying and cranky tot. The first time parents should take advice from their friend’s circle on ways to calm a teething baby, also a quick visit to the doctor can also be reassuring in this situation.

The number one remedy that is used and highly recommended by parents, as well as doctors, is to give a teething toy to your baby. While shopping for a tether, you would be amazed to see the vast variety of tethers available in the market, all filled with different qualities and attributes. A simple selection should be of buying a teething giraffe as it is the number one sold teething toy for children. Teething giraffe is made of 100% pure natural rubber that is derived from plants which means your kid will not have any synthetic material near his mouth. This giraffe is extremely child-friendly and perfect for toddlers and infants. You should definitely buy a teething giraffe for your child due to the following reasons.

  • Practice hand motor skills

Apart from calming the teething pain, getting a teething giraffe is very beneficial for your child’s hand motor skills. They develop gripping and holding techniques while holding the giraffe. Children learn to grip things with their hands and take them to their mouths during this phase. Go here for more information about sophie the giraffe gift set. 

  • Easing pain

Teething giraffe is made of a very chewy material that lets the children nibble as hard as they want without getting damaged. They can relieve the pain in gums by chewing on the neck and ears of the giraffe and get soothed on their own. Teething pain is excruciating for infants and toddlers and the only thing that helps them is a chewy hard surface rubbed on their gums. This teething giraffe can be a perfect pain reliever for children.

  • Play time with giraffe

Even when the child is not facing any pain or not getting irritated even then this teething giraffe is a very good toy to play with. It has really bright colors and a warm and friendly appearance that attracts kids towards itself. Most children can play with their teething giraffe for hours, giving the parents some extra time to relax.

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