The Process Of Installing Retaining Wall Posts

Man has advanced so much in every sphere of life that he has found a way to fix every kind of problem regarding different products and things. He has invented ways to build houses, construct building, make bridges, and install flooring and many more such things. These processes not only fulfil the need of human beings but also enhance the overall look of the structure.  One such process is the installation of retaining wall posts. We all have seen retaining wall posts in various areas but rarely do we know about the process of installing retaining wall posts. In this article, we will be discussing about the process of installing retaining wall posts.

Retaining wall posts:

Retaining wall are the structures that are meant to block the flow of soil, water or any other material. It basically, separates two portions from one another and is mainly composed of wood while retaining wall posts are the structures that keep the wooden beams intact. Different kinds of components can be used in the manufacturing of retaining walls. These components vary from each other on the basis of their composition, characteristics and functioning. There are retaining walls that are purely composed of stones like limestone retaining walls. Then there are retaining walls made up of brick. Similarly, there are retaining walls that are composed by the combination of different materials but mainly wood, such retaining walls are held together by the help of retaining wall posts.

The process of installing retaining wall posts:

Installation of retaining wall posts Melbourne is quite easy and cheap as well.  The components you will need for the installation of retaining walls are saw, spade, string line, wheel barrow, concrete, wood and retaining wall post. Firstly, string line is used to measure the area in which retaining wall has to be made. Then the ground is dug with the help of a spade. After that you will have to dig the retaining wall posts at regular intervals. These posts play main role in supporting the whole structure of retaining wall. Then concrete or cement is brought by loading it on the wheel barrow. This cement or concrete is added in between retaining wall posts to make them even firmer. After that timber beams are installed in between those retaining wall posts. This is the whole process of making retaining wall and installing retaining wall posts.


Retaining wall is the wall that is meant to stop the passage of soil, water and other such components from one area to another. It is also used to give a proper shape to the soil. Retaining walls are built with different materials. One such material is by the use of wood. Retaining wall posts are dug inside the ground which allows the wood beams to stay intact. These wall posts are made further firmer by the addition of cement and concrete. “Kazman timber” provides the best quality of retaining wall posts. Read this article to find out more details.

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