What Is The Difference Between Laminate And Engineered Flooring?

You get confused when you visit the market for purchasing the product for flooring. Many people confuse laminate floors with the other type that is engineered flooring. Hence, you purchase the wrong thing because there is a slight difference in both. 

To avoid confusion we will tell you the difference between the laminate floors and the other engineered flooring. Hence, you can buy the accurate thing you want. So, let us begin.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate floors are a man-made product. It is made from several layers. The base is made of fibreboard while the top has a printed layer. It has the image of the wood to give a realistic feeling. On top of this, a protected layer is present to give the shine and save the product from any weather condition. The developer worked on the designs so they can give the real wood texture feel to the users.

What is engineered flooring?

On the other hand, engineered flooring is considered the real hardwood because in the sheets of engineered flooring the surface is made from real wood. On the plywood, you can see the hardwood. It is best to give stability to the flooring. Hence, people prefer to use the engineered flooring than laminate floors due to its material.

Which one is better?

If we talk about the laminate floors, the developers have worked on its production, and now better material is used. Hence, the texture used in the laminate floors gives a realistic feel. On the other hand, engineered flooring in melbourne is favourite among people because it has hardwood. So, many people prefer the engineered flooring.

Water resistance:

Laminate floors have a protective layer on its top, but the inner material is fibreboard that gets spoil when the water enters from the cracks. On the other hand, the engineered flooring is also made from wood. So, it is obvious that wood swells when it comes in contact with water. However, the top of the engineered flooring is thick, but in case the water enter, then your floor gets spoil. In this situation, no one is better. So, avoid the water from the floor.


Laminate floors has a single sheet on its top. If you take care of it, then you can use it for several months. But it cannot be refinished when marred badly. Contrary to it, engineered flooring can be refinished two to three times if it has a thick veneer layer. In this case, engineered flooring is better.


In short, you can have the flooring of your choice. In many situations, people select real timber flooring in melbourne. But many use the engineered flooring if you want the floor to last for a long time.

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